Experts of trends, techniques, & tact!

 Experience: 2 years

To describe Mikey in one word: perfectionist! His open-mindedness welcomes all clients into the chair with an invite for conversation, but if he ever goes quiet then you know he's in the zone, keeping that eagle eye focused on precision. He loves learning new things, keeping updated on trends so that he can master each one that comes his way, but here at the shop we all know... he's the king of fades.

Moe is the owner of Avenue Barbers, but he's working hard full-time just like everyone else! Throughout the years and many hours of barbering, he has become very close with many of his clients that are greatly fond of his professional yet fun persona. Parents and their kids come in to see him because he is such an upbeat family guy, and his versatile skills makes it easy for anyone to be an ideal client. Moe loves a good challenge too, so if you feel you need some guidance and expertise, he's the guy for you! 


Our Team of Barbers!


 Experience: 6 years


 Experience: 16 years



 Experience: Lots

Avenue Barbers is equipped with an experienced, knowledgeable team that is fully prepared to create any look you want. 

Just as each client is unique, every barber has their own particular style, experience and personality. Here you can familiarize a little more before booking an appointment so that you can find your perfect stylist and know what we're made of! Links are provided for convenient online booking.


Please note: Our barbers are shown wearing masks and gloves - as they do in every appointment -

to protect you during this time. We are committed to following regulations and keeping

our shop extremely clean and everyone safe! 

Who will be the next Avenue Barber?

For those that enjoy the fun side of things, come see Roop! This outgoing barber loves to chat, learn more about his clients and provide them with the sharpest looks - even if that includes a hair tattoo! Come meet one of the most personable barbers ever - especially if you love soccer as much as he does!